PRIZM XMAS PROMO 2018 – 2019

Earn free Prizm coin with Prizm X-mass promo by completing simple tasks.

  1. Write article about Prizm coin
  2. Share Prizm posts and Video on Social media platforms.
  3. Write Review on forums
  4. Record video while talking about Prizm.

Get Up to 50 PZM Each Prizm coin costs 4000 Ugx on and R15 on Eran as much as you can and enjoy the festive season.


Prizm has great potential of growth, is shooting to the top. When you buy the coin from store you will make great profit. PRIZM — the first fair cryptocurrency! Crypto-currencies are becoming the future MONEY, to buy and use anywhere in the world without carrying cash or credit cards around. So Prism is already on the top 100 coin, now at 175, very soon will be on top 100, then 30, then on top 10.

What I like about this coin is:

  1. Decentralization,
  2. Convenience,
  3. High security.
  4. Speed, 59 seconds a block is generated, does not depends on number of transactions.
  5. Conversion: at a fixed rate using peer 2 peer global system to other coins at
  6. INNOVATION: it uses the Most modern eco-crypto-technologies, instead of labour and energy consuming.

It’s the first coin ever created that you mine while your computer’s and mobiles are off. No need power or heavy machines. That’s what it’s becoming the first loved and favorable coin people will need. Paramining — unique technology, created specifically for PRIZM. Right in your wallet, so you are the beneficiary.

McKodesh Cook ( South Africa )

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